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12L Hi-Fi Sound Speaker Backpack

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Dual Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers. 12L Cargo Space. Theft-Proof Design. Phone Charger. Sleek Exterior.
Add Hi-Fi Sound to your everyday carry. Or rather, let Hi-Fi sound carry all your everyday items.
Share the gift of music anywhere. From beach bonfires, backyard hangs, and spontaneous dance parties, the Speaker Backpack was made to protect the vibe.
No need to lug around large speakers with you. Carry powerful Hi-Fi sound with your everyday carry wherever you go.
Speaker Backpack weighs only 5lbs! That means you get insanely powerful sound without the crazy weight.
Our 5000mHA Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery gives you a whopping 5-6 hours of playback time.
When its drained, you can quickly and easily recharge the battery via USB.
We also added built-in charging cords for iPhone and Android phones, so you can charge your phone up to two full cycles!
Getting the party started is as easy as turning the volume up.
Speaker Backpack is has simple, intuitive controls.
To turn on the speakers, simply rotate the volume dial till it clicks on, sync your device, and party away! Increase the volume by rotating the dial even more.
Speaker Backpack is also water resistant. No need to worry about spilled drinks or a questionable overcast day. Enjoy the scene without a drop of worry.
We made sure to make Speaker Backpack a fully functional backpack with enough storage space to carry all your everyday essentials plus more.67
Theres open space for your large items and internal pockets to compartmentalize your specifics - such as your laptop.
With 12L of storage space, youll be able to stash your laptop, notebook, pens, water bottle, jacket, and more!67
No one likes pickpockets going through their stuff. Thats why we designed Speaker Backpack with Theft Protection features.67
Our pocket zippers, including the main compartment zipper, are fully hidden in the back of the backpack - preventing any passing thief from picking through your bag pockets.
Plus, a secret pocket behind the bag will keep thieves from finding your most valuable items to begin with.
We included internal pockets with zippers and velcro straps to make it easy to compartmentalize your items. The laptop pocket can fit a laptop up to 15, while the zipper pocket makes it easy to store smaller items without losing them.
Need to store your phone while it charges? Speaker Backpack has a secret stash pocket in the back that makes it easy for you to access your most valuable essentials while keeping pickpockets from reaching or finding them.
The built-in charging cords are also stashed in this pocket, so you can charge your devices in safety without anyone knowing.
Speaker Backpacks award winning Patent-Pending Ridge Sleek Design is a new, innovative modern concept for backpacks. Theres nothing like it out there.
Turn heads as you stay ahead of design trends and get in with the cutting-edge crowd.
Not only is Speaker Backpack good-looking, we made sure it was comfortable to wear.
Our straps and back sections are padded with Extra-Comfort Performance Mesh to make sure your Speaker Backpack fits snug and comfortable when youre on the go.
Speaker Backpacks shell is made of an EVA foam with a nylon exterior covering - giving you a unique strong & lightweight combination.
The foam shell provides a firm structure and protective barrier around your items and speakers without being overly rigid.
The nylon cover increases durability and gives the shell a soft-to-touch surface.
Together, the foam and nylon make Speaker Backpack ultra-tough as well as comfortable to carry and easy to handle.
With Speaker Backpack, you can turn any area into your next kickback or full out rager. Carry your music with all your essentials, turn up the beat, and dance away.