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20L Portable Car Freezer

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Fridging and freezing at the same time
0H-50H Precise Temperature Control
Portable and lightweight
Plug and go
CompressorNothing is better than a cold and refreshing beverage during a long drive or while traveling, camping and other on-the-go adventures.
But the old-school cooler that we all grew up with hasnt improved in decades. It requires lots of ice, doesnt keep beverages cold for long, and turns into a messy box of sloshing water quickly. Those old coolers are also inconveniently bulky, garishly coloured, and stylishly outdated.
That's a true dual-zone portable cooler and freezer with incredible performance and astonishing design. It is simple to use, energy efficient, and provides reliable refrigeration and freezing to keep your food and drinks cold & refreshing.
Fridge And Freezer
Its a fridge, a freezer or both at the same time! With the Independent Dual Zone design, it offers two independently controlled zones to ensure extended preservation of your fresh foods and beverages. Use the App to set your zones and get cool.
Precise Temperature Control
Precisely control and monitor temperature +/-1.8F (-1C) via digital display and touch operation. Ensure food and drinks stay within the appropriate temperature range. Advanced refrigeration technology from Germany to refrigerate or freeze up -0.4F (-18C).
Ready To Party
it maintains accurate temperatures from 50H (10C) to 0H (-18C) with a 20L storage space. Its able to hold 9 bottles of red wine (25o.z./750ml), or 20 cans of beer (11o.z./330ml). Or any delicious combination of food and fun!
The type of compressor we are using is BD1.4F-VSD. The compressor we used is 60% smaller than its rivals and weighs in at only 2.3 kilos. With 42 Ip class and 5W (12V) fan, it is enabled to provide energy efficient, sustainable and smart performance. This specially designed compressor ensured maximum efficiency and reliability for it. The optimized, low noise motor ensures outstanding performance for it when we need that extra degree of luxury on the move.
Extended Freezing Power
When you stop for an extended period, you can continue to keep cool. An external battery is available as that keeps cooling for an additional 5 hours when you go deep off the grid.
Safe For You, Safe For Your Car
it has built-in safeguards for you and your automobile. It utilizes a 3-stage battery protection system including ECU program for low voltage battery protection, Current overload protection, EMC anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-shock functions for safe use anytime.
Sustainability in Mind
it provides two cooling modes for more flexibility. Max mode for fast freezing lets you quickly reach and sustain subfreezing temperatures. Reach 32F (0C) in less than 15 minutes after turning it on. For less demanding cooling requirements, go into Eco mode for energy efficiency and savings.
Well Insulated
Regardless of the outside ambient temperature, it keeps cool efficiently with a heavy insulated construction that keeps the cold in and the hot out! The insulation also provides quiet operation during cooling cycles.
Interior Light LED
it equipped with an energy-efficient interior LED light, perfect for camping and overnight activities.