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6 Min Warm-Up Thermal Roll Laminator

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HIGH QUALITY C Obtain clear and protected results for all of your projects. Whether used for handouts, bus tags or game cards, our wide 27" laminator is the easy choice for busy educators.
LIGHTNING SPEED C Laminator warms up in 8-10 minutes. Laminate at speeds up to 10' per minute for exceptionally fast processing. Perfect for those with heavy laminating needs.
EASY LOADING C technology eliminates film loading errors. Color coded end caps show the correct way to load film, which helps avoid accidental upside down loading and costly service calls.
FILM SAVING C Reduce film waste. Laminator features a footage counter which tracks the film remaining for your use, and a digital temperature readout to ensure film is running at the correct heat.
USER FRIENDLY C Gain greater control with user friendly features. Auto reverse lets you easily correct film feeding, while the built in trimmer lets you quickly cut laminated documents from the roll.
AUTO SHUT OFF C Keep the laminator on between your classes or meetings for quick use. The machine enters standby mode after 2 hours of inactivity and will shut off after 3 hours to ensure safety.
TECHNOLOGY C Choose the best film for your project.