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Commuter Day-Trippers Cooler Bag

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A new commuter bag for day-trippers. Drinks have never been this cold!
The All-New Cooler Bag makes your life easier by filling both your outdoor activity and day-to-day professional needs.
A cooler that keeps your food and beverages cold for 24 hours
A messenger bag for your everyday belongings
A detachable fanny pack for on-the-go activities
A bike bag with reflective material and straps to attach to your handle
Because you never know where youll need to go or how youll need to get there, the Cooler Bag even comes with adjustable bicycle cruiser straps that make it ridiculously easy to attach to your bike. Whether for your commuting needs or outdoor recreation, taking this unique bag on your bike is as smart and easy as it gets!
The adjustable bike straps aren't the only extra feature increasing capacity and versatility of the Cooler Bag. The bag's bottom straps allow you to easily take clothing, towels, and blankets to the beach and on camping and other short trips.
The nature-lover in you will be very happy to know that the Cooler Bag
is an eco-friendly bag. However, its environmentally-friendly nature does not compromise the bag's strength and durability, since the Cooler Bag is made with a durable and resistant TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material, which means the bag can withstand scratching and folding without getting worn out.
The Cooler Bag comes in black, navy, red, green, giving you4 incredible colors to choose from.