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Laminator Machine for A3/A4/A6

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78COMPATIBLE FOR MORE DIFFERENT SIZE POUCHESThis laminator machine is compatible with laminating pouches from the size of business card to the size of A3 paper,boasts with a quick warm-up and fast laminating speed to boost your efficiency and Protect and Preserve your Important Documents such as cards, presentation materials and photos, nicely for home, office and school use.
785 In 1 LAMINATOR MACHINE AND NO NOISE: Including a corner rounder and three-different-patterns paper trimmer and 20 pouches(10 for A4,10 for A6)), this is a newly updated laminator machine with a speed of 250mm/min for the laminating system. Besides owning its double roller design ensures a smoother and faster lamination, so there will be low noise when laminating the paper, which create an quieter environment for us.
78ABS BUTTON INSERTED AND NO PAPER JAM: All the laminating process are easy to operate, you could see the related introducing video in the pictures page. If the papers or pouches are stuck in case, press the ABS Button and remove the stuck papers or pouches from the laminator, ONE-TOUCH PAPER EXIT AND wont affect your machine.
783 IN 1 PAPER TRIMMER AND BEAUTY CUTTING: Featured with three different cutting patterns, straight, perforated & wave, the laminating machine is built in a sharp and safe rotary paper trimmer, accurate grid lines and removable metal bar for effortless cutting. Also it comes with a corner rounder, you can easily get beautiful rounded corners, especially suitable for photos papers, etc fillet cutting. Simple and Practical.
78TEMPERATURE CONTROL TO PROTECT YOUR MACHHINE: Built in a 2-roller heating System(supported both thermal and cold laminating works), this laminator won't be too hot with an intelligent temperature control system, which would be more safety to protect your machine and make it last longer year.