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18V 6.0Ah 3 Piece Combo Kit

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Product Code: NOT1135

  • Information RFC (Reactive Force Control) is a new safety function that alleviates the danger caused by high torque.RFC senses if the bit locks and reduces the output power to reduce kickback(DV18DBL2).Triple Hammer, The hammer with 3 strikers reduces vibration by making 3 impacts per rotation instead of the conventional 2.This results in greater comfort and less cam-out; driver slippage from screw head (WH18DBDL2).4 Step Tightening Mode Selector in order to suit various applications (WH18DBDL2).Brushless motors provide increased power, performance, durability and longer battery run time per charge to handle bigger workloads with less downtime(DV18DBL2 and WH18DBDL2 and G18DBAL).13mm single sleeve metal keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock provides high strength & effortless usability (DV18DBL2).2 speed gearbox with all metal gears ensures maximum power, performance and resilience (DV18DBL2).22 stage adjustable clutch allows for a precise adjustment when driving screws (DV18DBL2).'s unique ACS (Active Control System) enables greater work speed and efficiency such as distinguishing between wood screw tightening and bolt tightening to automatically control motor revolutions.(DV18DBL2).Anti Cam-Out system reduces driver slippage from screw heads (WH18DBD2).Water and Dust Protection rated to the international standard of IP56 dictates the model is highly resistant to the access of hazardous parts including dust protection to a point where dust will not penetrate in a quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation.Furthermore the model incorporates water protection to the point where powerful jets of water projected onto the model will have no harmful effects (WH18DBDL2).Auto mode conserves energy by reducing rpm in standard operation, as load increases the rpm will automatically increase for greater efficiency.(G18DBAL).Anti-Kickback & overload protection stops the grinder in the event of a 'Jam' or sudden drop in wheel rotation speed during operation or excessive pressure on the tool reducing the risk of motor burnout and increasing safety (G18DBAL)


    Barcode 4966376261598
    Part No KC18DDBLHB
    Product Length 395
    Product Width 303
    Product Height 381